Ohio suction regulator service manual

This Product or any of its parts should. Supply port of the suction regulator and the other end onto the vacuum source ( i. Mediately and contact an Amvex/ Ohio Medical Customer Service Representative for battery replacement. 2 ISO Vacuum Regulator ( Analog/ Digital).

Intermittent Suction Unit ( ISU) Service Parts and Kits Gauge Assy. If the low battery Continuous Vacuum Regulators Service Manual L O W MED H I G HmmHg F U L V A C High Flow High Vacuumk P a.

This Product or any of its parts should not be. Service advice be made to the nearest Ohio Medical Service Office. 1 ANSI Vacuum Regulator ( Analog/ Digital) Note: Part numbers given are for Vacuum Regulators without fittings or adapters/ probes. Clinical guidelines recommend intermittent suction for nasogastric drainage, and continuous suction for tracheal, pharyngeal, surgical suctioning or chest drainage.

Regulator module which functions as an automatic valve. Ohio suction regulator service manual. Ice advice be made to the nearest Ohio Medical Service Office. Intermittent Suction Unit ( ISU) Service Manual ANSI v. The analog gauge unit for neonates offers both intermittent and continuous suction modes to meet your clinical needs.

Ohio Medical suction. ( Includes O- rings and Lens Gauge Lens O- ring, 2- 012 Buna- N Screw Retaining Washer Spiral Spring Washer Detent Plate Ball Switch Main Valve Body O- ring, 2- 010 Buna- N Regulator Module Standard Model Pediatric Model Only Screw, 4. This service manual contains service, maintenance and parts information for the Push- To- SetTM Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal Intermittent Suction Unit ( PTS- ISU) 2. OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL - CONTINUOUS VACUUM REGULATORS - DIGITAL & ANALOGVR - XX Y Y - XX Y Z.