Motic microscope manual

The information contained in this manual is likely to go beyond what the average. Panthera, the new Motic' s upright microscope line revolutionizes the conventional microscope concept by creating a Smart Microscope. Motic microscope instruction manuals for all microscope models.

When in doubt, contact your local Motic representative for assistance. Page 2 Therefore, all descriptions and illustrations in this instruction manual, including all specifications are subject to change without notice. Page 18: Observation III.
Observation The sub- head observer will view the same image as the main observer if the main observer has adjusted the diopter settings according to the microscope instruction manual. The entire line of Motic Microscopes and microscope accessories in one location. Browse the Motic microscope website for Motic biological microscopes, Motic stereo microscopes, Moticam cameras, Motic Inverted microscopes, Motic Gemological microscopes and accessories. Their design combines easy management and optimum functioning with minimum maintenance. Its design, together with its new optics and digital capabilities, makes it the. Thank you for your purchase of a Motic microscope.

Motic microscope manual. COM MOTIC INCORPORATION LTD. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this instruction manual, if you note.

Motic microscopes are precision instruments, subjected to meticulous examination in order to reach you in perfect condition. Page 1 BA310 Pol Polarizing Microscope Instructions Manual WWW.