Weight gurus manual

Install and register an account to get started tracking. Start GURU ( either the standalone version or as a plugin within your host). Search for the “ Weight Gurus” app in your smartphone’ s app store.

Hit the Load button on the GURU toolbar and navigate to the ‘ Example Bundles’ folder within the Guru data folder. , and they do not service or warranty the functionality of this product. Hit the Play button on GURU or on your host sequencer after Make sure to align the three dots on your phone’ s screen to the three dots shown on the scale’ s SYNC screen.
Please go to your browser’ s settings and enable Javascript to view. However, there are cases about weight gurus scale not syncing, and that is what we will talk about in this post. This product is not created or distributed by Apple Inc. It does not only track your weight but also your body fat and mass index, as well as water and muscle mass. Weight Gurus scales are designed for use with the Weight Gurus app that integrates with the aforementioned platforms.

If you are seeing this blank page, you probably have Javascript turned off on your browser. This manual, it’ s a good idea to load one of the supplied ex- ample GURU bundle files. Use the Weight GURUS App and your smart phone’ s camera to scan the barcode. Follow the setup steps within the app to finish setting up your user information and connect your scale. * With the Weight GURUS App, Weight, Body Fat % & Muscle Mass % are automatically transferred to the App via bar- code display. Connect Your Scale Set Up the Scale 1. From the Weight Gurus app menu ( ), select Wi- Fi Setup.

Weight gurus manual. The Weight Gurus Scale is a thin bathroom scale which is commonly used as a weight loss tool.