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Nuclear Gauge Design, Theory and Operation 2 MODULE I: NUCLEAR GAUGE DESIGN, THEORY AND OPERATION In Module I, the following objectives will be met: 9 Describe the five basic components of a nuclear gauge. Additionally, the determination of material biases ( moisture content and wet density) is detailed for Troxler, InstroTek, Humboldt and Campbell- Pacific Nuclear ( CPN) gauges. The MC- 1DR- P Portaprobe Rugged and Reliable complies with ASTM Standard Test Method D2950, Density of Bituminous Concrete in Place by Nuclear Methods. Incorporated, as well as over thirty years of experience in the nuclear gauge industry. This check should be done daily on all manufacturers’ gauges ( Troxler, CPN, Humbolt, Seaman and so forth). It consists of a radiation source that emits a cloud of particles and a sensor that counts the received particles that are either reflected by the test material or pass through it.

Nuclear gauges are also used for industrial, mining, and scientific purposes. The Model 3430 Manual of Operation and Instruction contains information on how the Model 3430 operates, and provides directions on the use of this gauge. Accepted Everywhere, Every State – Click Here to View the List. Of Density and Moisture in: • Asphalt • Concrete • Soils • Flat Roofs. Pdf Suzuki 400 dual sport parts manual uwabgmh. Moisture count will cause a gauge to incorrectly determine density.
9 Describe the two geometries used for measurements. Nuclear Gauge Calibration and Repair Services Humboldt maintains a complete repair and calibration facility at our Raleigh, North Carolina location. A nuclear density gauge is a tool used in civil construction and the petroleum industry, as well as for mining and archaeology purposes. SCOPE This test method describes procedures for developing density and moisture calibration constants and tables for nuclear gauges. A nuclear gauge ( also called a nuclear density gauge, a soil moisture gauge, or a moisture density gauge) is a tool used for civil engineering projects and construction that measures soil density or soil water content. 2 Warm- up and check the equipment.

NukeTrain, powered by InstroTek, Inc. Verify and Calibrate InstroTek, CPN, Humboldt and Troxler Nuclear Density Sullair Manual Sullair 1809e Manual | Tricia Joy - TriciaJoy. PORTABLE NUCLEAR MOISTURE/ DENSITY GAUGE LICENSING CHECKLIST This checklist is intended for applicants desiring to obtain a license, amendment, or renewal for authorization to possess portable gauges containing sealed sources of radioactive material. Gauge cannot be used, the methods described in " Test Method for Earthwork Compaction Control by Sand Cone or Volumeter Apparatus, " or any other method approved by the Department shall apply. Comes ready to start testing with, Elite Operators Manual, Poly Reference Standard Block, Molded Shipping Case w/ Wheels, Drill Rod, Stainless Steel Scraper Plate, Extraction Tool, AC & DC Chargers.

North East Technical Services, Inc is proud to be your exclusive northeast distributor for sales and service of the entire CPN product line. Nuclear Corporation. Humboldt' s nuclear gauges provide density and moisture measurements for road bed construction to determine the percent of soil compaction. A DB9 straight through RS232 cable is required to connect from computer to these devices. Connects easily to all older MC- 1DRP and MC- 3 CPN gauges.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission ( NRC) and Agreement States require Radiation Safety, operational and US DOT ( HAZMAT) training for all nuclear gauge operators. And CPN International, is the leading provider of training courses for operators and owners of nuclear moisture/ density gauges. On August 20th,, InstroTek, Inc. Nuclear gauges are devices that use radioactive sources to measure parameters such as thickness, density, moisture or fill level. ValiDator I & II Download Pearson. We present utter release of this ebook in doc, txt, ePub, DjVu, PDF forms.
MC3 Elite features a simple operator interface, new large backlit LCD display, illuminated keypad, precision machined base and surface mount electronic technology. The Electrical Density Gauge is a nuclear- free alternative to the nuclear gauge for compaction testing, including moisture and density readings. Completed the acquisition of CPN International, Inc. Chasing pool leaks, Don' t call a leak detection company until you watch this - Duration: 9: 54. Edition 3, Amendment 3. Procedure for Density Calibration 3.

Smart- MC™ is a simple, drop- in upgrade which gives new life to your older MC- 1DRP and MC- 3 gauges. Battery, Troxler Battery for 3440, 34B Troxler Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauges $ 67. EasyLoad ( Gauge Constants Download) Works with Smart Panel, InstroTek Xplorer 3500, and InstroTek 3430 CPU Board. Smart- MC offers a variety of operator friendly features such as a new backlit display and keyboard, test storage capability and cable- free download. Congratulations on your purchase of the MC- 1 Elite moisture/ density gauge.

USED NUCLEAR GAUGES. Surface Moisture- Density Gauge. • Nuclear surface moisture- density gauges have been designed specifically to measure the. Currently, INDOT uses the nuclear gauge for the measurement of wet density only. Daily Most nuclear gauges require a warm- up period and standard count.

MC1 Elite offers a superior alternative to other methods of in- place testing. 1 Nuclear Density Gauge Transport and Set up - Duration:. The result of this effort is the ultimate in surface moisture- density gauges – the Troxler Model 3440 Surface Moisture- Density Gauge.

All InstroTek/ CPN Gauges come with a standard, 2- year limited warranty and a free calibration at the one- year mark. The MC1 Elite is the most accurate and easy- to- use moisture / density testing instrument available. The simple on screen instructions allows the software operator to be quick and efficient. This test method includes 4 parts: 1.

CPN® MC- 3Portaprobe RUGGED AND INTELLIGENT WITH ADVANCED ELECTRONICS MC- 3 Portaprobe Nuclear Moisture/ Density Gaugehas maintained its reputation as the most rugged, accurate, low maintenance and easy to operate gauge for over 30 years. The American Portable Nuclear Gauge Association ( APNGA) was established to serve portable nuclear gauge ( moisture density gauge) owners and users. DETERMINING FIELD DENSITY & MOISTURE CONTENT WITH THE NUCLEAR GAUGE The Nuclear Moisture Density device ( or Nuclear Gauge) is specifically designed to measure the moisture and density of soils, aggregates, cement, and lime treated materials, and to measure the density of asphalt concrete.

Results are displayed on an easy to read LCD screen. EBPage 2 of 10 SCOPE This manual describes the operational safety procedures to be followed when using Nuclear Moisture – Density Gauges under the control of the Geotechnical Engineering Bureau, New York. CPN, located in the San Francisco Bay Area has over 45 years of history and experience in the construction testing instrumentation.

This web based association is designed to assist members on regulatory and industry issues and training. Take a look at our refurbished gauges from CPN, Troxler, and Humboldt. NUCLEAR GAUGE TESTING Nuclear moisture/ density gauges are testing devices that use low level radiation to measure the wet density, dry density, and moisture content of soil and granular construction materials.

The versatile 3440 gauge uses two modes of operation ( backscatter and direct transmission) and can store over 450 readings. • % Proctor • % Marshall • % Air Voids To measure density of pavements, the Portaprobe is simply positioned on a surface that is relatively smooth and free of voids. Com Instrotek nuclear gauge user manual banshjd. Accurate density. Technical staff includes some the most experienced nuclear moisture/ density gauge developers and engineers in the world.

Nuclear Gauge Testing Manual, Transport and Main Roads, November 1 of 7 1 Scope This manual is applicable to the use of both the nuclear surface moisture- density gauge and the nuclear thin- layer density gauge. The gauge electronics and LCD display have recently been updated for improved reliability and performance. Site selection, basic parameter setup, moisture and density determination, storage, and advanced operations are included, along with radiological information and.

Principle of Calibration 2. Nuclear gauges normally incorporate a nuclear source, a detec-. Skip navigation Sign in. Portable Nuclear Gauge Training Center Official On- Line Training for all Portable Nuclear Density Gauges, including InstroTek, CPN, Humboldt, Seaman and Troxler Nuclear Gauges.
Include the information specified below on the Radioactive Material. CPN International Nuclear Moisture/ Density Gauges. Cpn nuclear density gauge manual. 24 MB) Measurement Uncertainty register ( PDF, 98 KB). Here we provide repair and calibration services for Humboldt gauges, as well as those manufactured by Troxler and CPN.

New gauge not in the budget right now? METHOD OF TESTS FOR DEVELOPING DENSITY AND MOISTURE CALIBRATION TABLES FOR NUCLEAR GAUGES A. If you are searching for the book Cpn nuclear density gauge manual in pdf form, then you' ve come to the faithful website. 9 Name the radionuclides used in moisture/ density gauges and neutron moisture meters. Pdf Cpn Nuclear Density Gauge Manual InstroTek, Inc.

Restricted Menu Function Access Code: 3548 This page may be removed from the manual to prevent the unauthorized access to the restricted menu functions of the InstroTek/ CPN MC- 3 Elite. 50 Add to cart CPN Battery Charger, Wall Mount Battery Charger For CPN MC- 3 Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauge. The EDG eliminates the need for operator certification and safety concerns related to nuclear devices. The MC3 Elite is the newest and most advanced nuclear density gauge CPN has ever developed. Nuclear Gauge Testing Manual section 1 to 4 ( full copy) ( PDF, 4. Swimming Pool Science 97, 861 views.

We believe you will be impressed with the MC- 1 Elite and its functionality. This page may be removed from the manual to prevent the unauthorized access to the restricted menu functions of the InstroTek/ CPN MC- 3 Elite. Smart- MC Upgrade For MC1- DRP & MC- 3 CPN Nuclear Soil Moisture Density Gauges. Innovative Nuclear Gauges for Nondestructive Measurement. 7 QMP QC and QV Nuclear Density Gauge Comparison Select a representative section of the compacted HMA pavement prior to or on the first day of paving for the.